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A unique technology that has already proven useful in several applications

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Nova Innovation Solutions AB is a company focused on developing and supporting new processes and methods in the engineering industry that aim at sustainable production methods and working methods. We collaborate with and work closely with leading research groups and industrial actors in the field. We provide services and services in liquid processing processes, primarily for polishing and surface processing. In addition we also offer consulting services for industry.

Nova Innovation Solutions, started its operations in 2007 in Switzerland as a spin-off company from the University of Technology, ETH Zurich. A couple of research colleagues wanted a platform where they could test and sell their ideas and participate in research projects from a more industrial point of view.

Together with Louise Andersson, Felix Nyffenegger and Jens Bathelt founded the company Nova Innovation Solutions GmbH in Zurich.

Based on results from the EU project KoBas (Knowledge Based Customized Services for Traditional Manufacturing Sectors), Nova has developed and sold software for 3D simulation of press lines, Visio plug-in for automatic generation of PLC code for mechatronic systems and developed Rich web applications.

Later, Nova became a partner in the EU project VFF - Virtual Factory Framework. The project that took place between 2009-2013 was one of the EU's largest FP7 NMP projects. Nova participated in the role of SME with responsibility for the development of software for functional models for factory planning. In this project, Nova collaborated directly with e.g. Autoeuropa Portugal (VW), FICEP Italy, and HOMAG AG in three industrial scenarios. Prior to the project, Dr. co-authored Anders Jönsson's article "Virtual Factory Framework: Key Enabler For Future Manufacturing" which defined a framework for future factory simulations.

In 2013, the three owners found new challenges. Professor Felix Nyffenegger now works at the Technical University of Rapperswil with research mainly in PDM systems. Dr. Jens Bathelt works as development manager at Trumpf AG in Grüsch. Louise Andersson started 2013 Nova Innovation Solutions AB in Ronneby together with Dr. Anders Jönsson.

At the water cutting lab in Ronneby, the technology for polishing and surface treatment has been developed in several research projects since 2009. The many years of knowledge built up around the technology is unique and is the basis for the business area polishing technology at Nova Innovation Solutions AB in Ronneby.

  • A 3-year research project "Polishing glass with water cutting technology - Cross-border cooperation for sustainable development" funded by the European Regional Development Fund and carried out together with industry partners and SP-Glasforskningsinstitutet.
  • A 1-year research project in 2011 "New method for machining functional surfaces" funded by VINNOVA within the program "Manufacturing in constant change".
  • The polishing technology has been developed in projects where Anders Jönsson has been responsible for the development. Through his involvement in the board of Nova, there is a natural connection to continued research and development of the technology.
  • With the support of i.a. IKS, BTH Innovation and Blekinge Business Incubator, the polishing technology has been able to be developed into an offer to the market